Routes, Maps & Inspiration for Self Guided or Guided Walking & Hiking in Spain’s Sierra Nevada

Since 2000 we have been walking and trekking in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada throughout all seasons. In that time we have come to know and love the high mountains pretty well. We decided to create this site to publicize some of the routes we have taken and are still taking to climb and enjoy these hills.

Some routes are well known and are documented excellently elsewhere on other websites. Others are rarely, if ever completed apart from by a handful of local enthusiasts. Some are completely made up from scratch, a result of us trying to find and develop new trails and interests of our own.

So this is the result. Not a comprehensive list, but a mix of routes around the Sierra Nevada area. Some high mountain, some low mountain. Some hard, some easy. Some long multi-day treks staying in guarded or unguarded mountain refuges. Other treks will be strictly for wild camping enthusiasts. We are adding new routes all the time so please check back.

Use the menu bar to discover routes either by location, by length, amount of height gain or by distance.

The routes themselves are laid out quite simply. There is

  • summary
  • “info box” – access, start, end, distance, height gain, estimated time (using Naithsmiths Rule)
  • brief description
  • interactive map with elevation profile (Wandermap)
  • satellite map (Google)
  • downloadable route GPX file
  • photos from some of our past trips to give you an idea

The actual route description is quite brief. This is deliberate, as armed only with map, compass and our basic information you should be able to go out there and discover more for yourself. Use these as an “Inspiration”! Hopefully the site will be useful for the Self Guided Trekker and well as those who prefer Guided Trekking in the Sierra Nevada option.

Also have a look at these information pages

Enjoy the Sierras!