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The Unguarded Refugio Elorrietta near Veleta, Sierra Nevada

Unguarded Refuges of the Sierra Nevada

Refugio Vivac La Caldera Located at 3060m just E of Laguna de la Caldera, W of Mulhacén. Useful for access to Mulhacén, Alcazaba and Puntal de la Caldera. The refuge is in a good state with wooden bunks. Sleeps 14.

Refugio Villavientos On the S side of Loma Pelada at an altitude of 3090m. Places for 10 people. Useful for access to Mulhacén, Alcazaba and Puntal de la Caldera.

Refugio del Caballo Bivouac hut sleeps 10. Small semi cylindrical, domed shelter located at an altitude of 2860m next to the Laguna del Caballo at the base of the NE face Cerro del Caballo. This is a one-room shelter. In summer 2011 the “Accion Sierra Nevada” initiative ( installed a door, painted the inside, put in a window and cleaned the refuge from top to bottom. Recent work to the roof in 2014 has made this a suitable winter shelter

Refugio Elorietta The Elorrieta Refuge is located at 3187m, SW of Tajos de la Virgen ridge. It was built between the years 1931 and 1933 and christened with that name in honour of Director General de Montes D. Octavio Elorrieta.

It was the most ambitious of a network of shelters that were designed in the 1930s in the Lanjarón river valley. Originally it had central heating and water and power for lighting. Constructively it consists of two parts, a domed outside shelter and another series of galleries and tunnels dug out of the rock.

The annual seasonal differences in temperature have taken their toll. The roof is in particularly bad shape. Time and vandalism have done everything else. By mid-century and even in the 60s it was partially rebuilt. Three restored rooms with bunk beds, living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and services. However at present is again dismal state of conservation, but can always be useful for shelter from inclement weather. You can use the shelter which has a couple of rooms with bunk beds, but no mattresses.

Refugio Vivac La Carihuela Situated on the Collado de Carihuela S of Veleta. In a very good state with wooden bunks. Sleeps 20.

Refugio Peña Partida The refuge lies on the eastern shoulder of Loma de los Cuartos above the town of Güejar Sierra. High snow level or a 4WD car is required to access the Loma de los Cuartos to a car parking space with chain across the track. 2 hrs walk from here. In a good state with magnificent views to the northern faces of the Sierra Nevada. Sleeps around 10 on concrete floor.

Refugio de la Cucaracha Situated on the Cuesta del Calvario above the Rio Genil. Recently given a makeover (2014) this part ruin provides adequate winter shelter and is useful for ski touring on the northern peaks. Access is from Güejar Sierra and Verada de Estrella.

Natural Shelters There are natural shelters and caves at Cueva Secreta (lower Valdeinfiernos valley, Genil) and at Siete Lagunas next to Laguna Hondera (natural shelters, walls and outcrops) Siete Lagunas. A shovel may be required.

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